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I’ve been wondering if there’s a correlation between the moderate success of Mad Men and the resurgence of the thin tie. According to The Wall Street Journal there is (roughly). It’s perhaps one of the few consequences of  the show that I dislike. Besides the fact that it seems like a rather impermanent trend, the thin ties minimize the color of the suits, and I like that color. I think the tie allows a suit wearer to get a little creative and even perhaps make a statement. It also distracts from the drab variety of suit colors. There are so many blacks and gray suits out there, a prominent colorful tie livens the outfit up a bit.

And think about how prominent the ties are on the show where the main characters are always wearing suits. It’s hard to remember if Roger Sterling or Don wore a nice tie. That’s probably because the ties are so thin, like small colored or dark lines, they’re hardly noticeable. In my opinion it’s one of the drawbacks of 60s style.

Via a friend, it seems that the thin tie is helpful for men who are a bit shorter. Well, so maybe they’re not all useless but still, I’m not a fan of these slim ties.

I just hope this is one of those things that are popular for about five minutes and then unpopular for an eternity.

Post Script: Don’t worry, there will be much more blogging about the actual show when the season starts up.