Bad Advice From Joan To Peggy

September 12, 2009

cm-capture-1I haven’t commented on last week’s episode and its successor is almost upon us. I may still get to what I was going to say but given the amount of procrastinating I’ve been doing I have my doubts. So, instead, I’ll just make a small comment on Joan and Peggy.

Nobody should be surprised that Joan gave Peggy advice. We’ve seen before (from the very beginning of the show) that Joan is happy to give Peggy advice. Alas, the advice doesn’t always align with Peggy’s desires, it works with what Joan would want if she were still in or just in Peggy’s situation. This last time with Joan advising Peggy on the roommate situation I suspect will result in something Peggy doesn’t like again (it’s starting to look like it already). Peggy will realize Joan’s advice isn’t  the course she wants to take, it’ll just take a bit longer than usual for Peggy to notice.



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