Don Gets Along With Conrad Hilton

September 5, 2009


In the comments to an earlier post about the last episode of Mad Men Judy writes:

Just discovered this blog! I read some comments earlier this week for the NYT article that suggest that “Connie” was really Conrad Hilton. If so, this gives us even more layers to unpeel in this already multi-layered show.

Conrad Hilton being the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain. This is entirely possible as (I believe) “Connie” said he was from San Antonio and born into a family of humble means. That’s the same as Conrad Hilton.

If that really was Conrad Hilten then the reason Don gets along with Connie so well probably has to do with where they are both from: humble backgrounds. In contrast, there will always be a divide between Roger and Don because Roger was born into money, he never earned it like Don or Connie (if he’s indeed Conrad Hilton).



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