Mad Men, Ted Kennedy, And My Sister

August 27, 2009

At the risk of writing an effusively gushy post about Mad Men I’ve got to say one aspect of the show I really like is when a national event happens around the same time as a local event. The standoff between Don and Betty during the Cuban Missile Crisis is a great example. The panic from the threat of a nuclear holocaust helped push Don to reach out successfully to Betsy.
This popped into my head as I sit in the airport waiting to board my flight from Boston to Chicago after dropping my sister off at Harvard. CNN coverage of Ted Kennedy is playing on one of those t.v.s at the terminal and while my sister is surely not dead my family has lost a child who sleeps in the house and gets up to go to school five days a week. That a the nation lost a senator at the same time somehow makes it harder to shake the sense of loss I feel both from the death of the liberal lion and the new lack of accessibility to my sister.
One might say the Betty/Don standoff was timed overdramatically but national events do remind us of personal ones.



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