So Don’s Sleeping With Blondes Now

August 17, 2009

As I expected, in season 3 the world is changing but the main characters are pretty much the same. Pete is still whining, Bert Cooper is still a dirty old man on an Asian kick, and Don is still philandering. Except…with blondes now. In an earlier post I said that there’s more to Don’s selection of mistresses and what not than just a healthy admiration for beauty and horniness, Don chooses women who are very unlike his wife which helps retain his anonymity as a person. Don never fully becomes any identity by always having another world he can enter and exit.

Someone who I watched the episode pointed out to me that Don was pretending to be Bill Hofstadt, his brother-in-law, and perhaps Bill Hofstadt likes blondes. It wouldn’t be unprecedented. Each of Don’s personas are different. Dick Whitman is a sincere single man. Don Draper the married ad man is faithful to his wife, Don Draper the Philanderer likes strong, independent women. Perhaps Don’s Bill Hofstadt likes blondes like Don the married man does. But does Don need a new world for that? I’ve always thought Don got something big out of creating and switching between his different world.

In one world he has blonde women, in another he has strong independent brunettes. Perhaps Don’s new world is one in which he has a lot of one night stands. After all he says that the married life doesn’t end all the “chances” one gets. Still, this new world doesn’t seem that different (in terms of the anatomy of the woman) than the one he already retains as Don Draper the yuppie husband.



One Response to “So Don’s Sleeping With Blondes Now”

  1. […] as Daniel mentioned, Don’s sexual-conquest-of-the-week was a blonde this time around. Seems to me this shows […]

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